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May 1, 2012

We would like to thank the many who supported us prayerfully and the few who supported us financially as we traveled for a little over 2 years. Unfortunately, a combination of Jerry's health issues and the lack of sufficient funding, we have had to stop traveling. It was such a blessing to see people saved and God glorified through the RV Outreach ministry.

We have some great stories to tell and an even stronger testimony now. If you would like us to share it with your church, feel free to contact us. We are now living in Centreville, Alabama and will continue to serve the Lord in any way He sees fit.  To God be the glory!

Jerry and Cynthia

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The most common question we get asked is "How can I start a campground ministry?". We are not experts by any means, but we will share with you what we did.
  • First and foremost, pray about it. Make sure it is what God wants you to do and not just something you want to do.
  • When we arrived at a campground or RV park, we asked if they held any kind of worship services. If so, we offered to assist and if they did not need assistance, we simply attended like anyone else. If they needed assistance, we would offer to hold Bible studies and/or worship services. If they did not want anything, we just camped there.
  • As we would speak with other campers, through casual conversation, we would try to determine if they were Christians or not. After talking for a bit, we would say something along the lines of "you sure are nice folks, where do y'all go to church?". This is a casual, non-confrontational approach that easily leads to a more detailed discussion. The Lord will lead you from there.
  • Occasionally, you will get the "I am not into that religious stuff" or "I don't believe that mess"... and that's OK. You are never to argue the faith, simply say "But you have heard that Jesus died for your sins, right?" They will almost always say yes and then you simply say "Great. As long as you have heard the message, how you respond is up to you. Y'all have a great time camping and if you do want to talk, we are in site number XX". It's really that simple.
We never made plans to where we were going next, always letting the Spirit guide us. If you let God lead you, you will be amazed at what He can do.

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